Health Care
The health care industry relies upon technology every day to diagnose patients, process insurance, check for prescription conflicts, manage suppliers and much more. When any part of the network isn’t working efficiently, patients could be at risk. Plus, health care businesses could face regulatory fines from compliance issues.
Maintaining optimal performance, keeping data and networks secure and maintaining compliance isn’t easy. That is why having a dedicated IT support service partner is important. Pharr Technologies has extensive experience in providing medical IT and dental IT support. We service all areas of technology in the health care industry to allow your practice to focus on what’s most important – caring for patients.

Infrastructure Guidance and Maintenance
We guide health care businesses through optimizing their infrastructure. From determining whether on-premises servers or cloud hosting is the right option to auditing the network and equipment for performance problems, we cover every area of your IT infrastructure.

Maintaining Compliance
Compliance is always a priority for health care businesses. When storing and using personal data on numerous patients, these businesses are required to use HIPAA-compliant solutions. We fully understand all compliance regulations related to IT in the health care industry. We only recommend compliant solutions and ensure your infrastructure is compliant as well to avoid any problems.

Ensuring Security
The wealth of sensitive data stored by health care servers means hospitals, doctor’s offices and more are all targets for cybercriminals. Today’s health care professionals don’t always work in the office, meaning mobile devices are in use. This introduces new security threats. We work with you to optimize security, ensure security permissions are set and scan for vulnerabilities.

Health care industry businesses require reliable, secure and compliant IT support and services. Contact Pharr Technologies to find out more about the services we provide and how we can become your IT partner.