Exchange Online – Office 365

Exchange Online (Office365) | The Power of Exchange Online
For businesses that don’t want the overhead involved with maintaining their own Exchange server, Exchange Online is the ideal solution. It brings the power of Exchange to a business, but everything is hosted on Microsoft’s servers instead. For as long as employees have access to the Internet, they’re able to access their Exchange accounts. This makes it attractive to businesses with remote employees.

Email with Security
Microsoft works to protect the integrity of your data with advanced anti-malware and anti-spam filtering for inboxes. This helps reduce the risk of malware and ransomware on your network. Businesses can also take advantage of data loss prevention features designed to prevent employees from sending sensitive data to the wrong people.
Reliable Service

Exchange Online is backed by a financial uptime guarantee. If the service isn’t available 99.9% of the time, businesses receive compensation for the inconvenience. Plus, redundant servers mean even if your business’s servers go down, you’re still able to access Exchange Online from any device that still has an Internet connection.
Managing Remotely

Despite being hosted remotely, Exchange Online comes with a dedicated admin center to manage access and other permissions. This gives IT full control over security, such as implementing mobile device access policies and approved recipient lists. IT admins can even remotely remove access to devices at any time.

If you’re trying to decide between Exchange Online and Exchange, contact Pharr Technologies today to discuss the differences and how each benefit your organization. We’ll even discuss the best and most cost-effective ways to maintain each.