At Pharr Technologies, our goal is to help create the ultimate learning environment through the design of scalable, cost effective network solutions that support the technological demands of today’s students, teachers and the devices they use.

Audio-Visual Solutions

By harnessing the power of video and mobile technology, teachers can give students the world. Schools can facilitate better and more varied levels of engagement by investing in video and mobile solutions that speak to students in a language they understand.

Unified Communications

Combining your voice and data services, ensures your customers and employees hear ONE message.

Enterprise Networking

From edge switching to your newest “BYOD” initiative, Pharr Technologies’ engineers work to provide you with solid solutions from industry leading technology providers.

Structured Cabling

Network cabling carries the life blood of your organization – information. At Pharr Technologies follows strict installation and testing guidelines. Our work is performed by our dedicated team of certified technicians.

IP Video Surveillance

Today’s IP video systems provide a wide array of benefits over traditional CCTV systems. Let Pharr Technologies design your custom IP surveillance system  today!!

We would love to tell you more about our services and solutions. Please contact us one of our certified professionals today to get started!